Building Civic Trust

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At our meeting Monday night we invited those who are passionate about Trenton to make a pledge to improve our beloved city and to commit to becoming a Trenton Civic Trustee.

What is a Civic Trustee?

A Trenton Civic Trustee will play an active role in building the City’s civicleadership and implementing evidence based solutions.

How will this work?

You make a one-year commitment to serve your city as a volunteer Civic Trustee. The Citizens Campaign will make a commitment to you to continue providing all the support and resources necessary to build a vibrant and sustainable Civic Trust.

Sound like a good plan? We think so! Get started by reading the entire Overview then APPLY TODAY to become a Civic Trustee.


Rumba in the Barrio

This past Saturday a group of Puerto Ricans came together to pay Tribute to a mural dedicated to Roberto Clemente. Watch the video….


Video highlights from this past weekend in Trenton

So, there’s nothing to do in Trenton? Take a look… this video highlights this past weekend in Trenton and a few of the great events that took place throughout the city… think twice before you say there’s nothing to do… Watch the video…


Free Flu Shots for Uninsured Trentonians

by Steve Chernoski

Winter is coming, but thanks to CVS and Direct Relief, many Trentonians will now be prepared. Together, the business and nonprofit are working with the Henry J. Austin Health Center to provide uninsured capital city citizens with a free flu shot for the 2014-15 season and have been doing this for practice for a handful of years now.  Read more…


Leadership Civics in Trenton High 

The Citizens Campaign announced last week the launch of a Leadership Civics course at Trenton Central High School’s West Campus. Trenton High Alum and current Social Studies teacher Jerell Blakeley was the leading force that brought this innovative curriculum to Trenton. Read our Op-Ed in the Trenton Times or check out The Trentonian’s story on the Leadership Civics course.


Update from the Public Safety Subcommittee

By Afnan Rasphoto 11hid – With the many transitions in Trenton’s public offices, public safety remains a constant concern of the citizenry. Accessibility to policy makers, inclusion in the policy making process, and increasing public awareness of existing programs and policies that ensure the ability of those who live, work, and play in the city are needed. Many are still getting to know the new mayor and police director. They desire transparency and understanding in policies such as the Trenton Violence Reduction Strategy – how the program works, its merits, and how neighborhoods can assist in this endeavor. Click here to read more.


Are you ready for a Power Hour?  Join us for our next Power Hour so that we can talk about issues relating to education, public safety, arts & economic development and share evidence-based solutions which can make an impact in the City of Trenton. Check out our events calendar for the meetings dates for the next  Task Force meetings and our next Power Hour.  Click here to visit the events calendar.

__________________________________________________________ Newark Central Ward workshopPAY IT FORWARD  We are currently recruiting Coaches & Teachers to help “pay-it-forward” to fellow Trentonians who are interested in learning how to get things done without being an elected official.  Do you have governmental, political, advocacy or journalism experience and would like to share your knowledge & experience with others along the same path as you? – be a Coach.   Do you enjoy public speaking and informal educational settings? – be a Teacher.   Find out more info or contact _______________________________________________________________ Check out the “Upcoming Events”.  We’d love to have you join us!